Tudalen o Hansard

20 Maw

Y DIRPRWY LEFARYDD: The Right Honourable the Leader of the House.

JACOB (canys efe yw): Madam Deputy Speaker, I shall be brief. Multum in parvo. I’m sure the House, having heard the Right Honourable the Foreign Minister’s statement, will want to congratulate him on the proposed massive expansion of Britain’s nuclear arsenal. (Hon. Members: Baaaaaa! Hear hear! Harumph!), because at this time of peril our Great British Nation is well advised to remember those wise words, si vis pacem, para bellum, to which I would add, Madam Deputy Speaker, para troopers, para gliders, para chutists … (Hon. Members: What about the para medics?). I would remind Members opposite that we are a world trading nation: the sea, oh the sea, is the gradh geal mo croide, and it is no use Honourable Members opposite complaining that British fish goes rotten in transit. Let us rather remember the adage sic transit gloria mundi. (Hon. Members: What about the health workers?) Well may you ask, what about the health workers? To those who ask ‘what about the health workers?’, I can only reply et tu Brute? Because the question rather should be cui bono? (Laughter.) Mony a mickle, to quote a greater poet than myself, Madam Deputy Speaker, maks a muckle, to which I would add lang may yer lum reek ! And at this juncture I would refer Honourable Members to Bord Fáilte Eireann. (Hon. Members: Baaaa ! Hear hear!) And on conclusion I can only quote the immortal words of Vergil, hic opus, hic labor est. (Cheers.)

Y DIRPRWY LEFARYDD: The Right Honourable the Prime Minister.

BORIS (cofio gwneud ei wallt yn flêr): Bah! Pah! Harrumpf! How can one follow my Right Honourable Friend’s brilliant and uplifting statement except by quoting Cicero, O fortunatam natam me consule Romam? We have been reminded – Pah! Phowwarrr! – that we, the Awesome Foursome, are a light unto the world, lux mundi, Madam Deputy Speaker. Or to put it another way φώς ἐν σκοτιᾳ, a light unto Scotland. (Hon. Members: Hear hear! Baaaaaa! Hon. SNP Members: Awa’ an bile yer heid!) To those who seek to break up and destroy our wonderful and amazing United Kingdom, I can only say absit omen, and I hardly need ro remind Honourable Members of the words of the Emperor Claudius to the court philosopher, Per ardua ad astra, Seneca ! As a leading world power of the twenty-first century we are in honour bound always to bear in mind dulce et decorum est debellare superbos. Let us unite in declaring chacun a son goût, bearing in mind always cherchez la femme. (Laughter.) And at this moment of ever-expanding opportunity for our incredible Great British Nation – Bah! Pah! – how better can I put it than in the two immortal words of Pericles addressed to the men of Athens – ὶακκι δα ! (Cheers.)

Y DIRPRWY LEFARYDD: The House will now adjourn.

3 Ymateb i “Tudalen o Hansard”

  1. marconatrix Mawrth 20, 2021 at 1:10 pm #

    Mania in camera … ged is beag an t-ùgh … ???

  2. Dei Tomos Mawrth 20, 2021 at 7:44 pm #

    Nid fy mod i wedi deall ei hanner, ond gwych iawn Glyn Adda. Tasa gen i fedal mi fyddech yn ei chael . Neu pe bawn i’n frenin trwy ryw hap mi gaech y goron hefyd.

  3. Adrian Roberts Mawrth 22, 2021 at 1:30 pm #

    Ac yacky da i dithau, Mr Prickles …

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